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Peace and Nonviolence in Action

PANinA is...

  • a cyber-hub to provide visibility and support collaboration for members of overlapping or intersecting communities whose events celebrate or contribute to Peace And Nonviolence in Action through personal and social transformation.
  • an information source about Events and Peace People that support Community-level, connection-based models for Peace And Nonviolence in Action through personal and social transformation

Given the enormity of the social challenges that confront us, the thing that will give us the most hope and strength to make change happen is if we celebrate. From celebration will come the energy to do whatever it takes to bring about social change.

~Marshall B. Rosenberg

PANinA has always been about Peace People and Events that embody Peace And Nonviolence in Action. Originally oganized around geographic communities, PANinA was launched on 7-7-7 for the first global Live Earth Concert. Here is a report on the event from Abingdon, VA:

There was a viewing of about an hour of the concerts with ElderSpirit members followed by lunch and live local music at White's Mill followed by new connections made in Unicoi, TN. Two lessons learned: There is socially-conscious music being written whether or not one likes it, and there is a generation of young adults who "get it" and are ripe for proactive social change. Read more about the other seven events that comprise the history of PANinA 1.0.

This newest incarnation of PANinA was launched on 2-18-12, the second birthday of the Consciousness Transformation Community (CTC). The critical lapse in available energy for virtual community-building that has brought about the collapse of formal structures such as the CTC is actually a sign of maturity as we move into deeper connection with local community.

End Corporate Welfare

By popular acclaim of 70% of Americans, including majorities of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN) have introduced legislation to stop subsidies on fossil fuels. The counter below shows the number of taxpayer dollars that have been privatized since the legislation was introduced.

Sign the Petition

Here is a fact sheet from 350 dot org you can print and distribute.

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