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Shamanic Breathwork for Peace and Nonviolence


Sunday, 24 March 2013 - 4:00pm - 9:00pm

at ClouD 9, 1320 9th Street, Berkeley

PANinA, in partnership with Evolver Bay Area, presents Shamanic Breathwork for Peace and Nonviolence with Star Wolf & Brad Collins. Connect with your Inner Shaman and experience a Shamanic journey using Star Wolf's trademark Shamanic Breathwork process. Read more about Shamanic Breathwork at the Venus Rising Website. Learn more about Star Wolf and Brad on their Peace People Pages. Scroll down for images and two BlogTalkRadio interviews.

Expressions of Peace TV will be on hand to capture Star Wolf's presentation for the planned Breathe Peace episode, and to collect your feedback afterwards about Shamanic Breathwork for Peace and Nonviolence. To support a sense of emotional safety and to provide the event crew with the opportunity to participate fully, cameras will not be used during participatory exercises, journeys, or small-group work, and only by request during breaks if you want to Speak Your Peace.

A nourishing finger-food buffet will be available throughout the evening. Please dress comfortably and avoid scented health and beauty products. Enrollment is limited! Registration is required!

Registration and Tuition

Shamanic Breathwork for Peace and Nonviolence is a gift from PANinA to the Community. Proceeds from this PANinA event endow a scholarship fund for the upcoming Path of the Warrior weekend workshop for veterans and those who support them. According to a recent study, veterans make up only 10 percent of the total population but account for 16 percent of all homeless adults. Wouldn't it be cool to enable Venus Rising to sponsor some vets for whom such an option would not otherwise be available, to participate in this deep soul-retrieval work?


In order to offer this experience with yourself in an intimate, supportive container, enrollment will be strictly limited to 75 participants. A $25 registration fee is your reservation and is fully refundable and fully transferable in advance or in person at the workshop and will provide us with vital information in planning food and workshop materials. You will receive an email reminder a day or two before the event. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds or for failure to register.

Here's how it works:

  • If you register and something comes up that you have to miss the workshop, please contact us at PANinA Admin so that you can
    • ask us to assign your place to a friend, or to award it to someone else, and
    • ask us for a refund, or mutually acknowledge your $25 contribution to Venus Rising.
  • If you register and you don't show up, no refund will be offered or granted, so gift a friend! If you transfer your registration without going through us, please ask them to give your name at the door.


Use the button below, or mail a check payable to Venus Rising to Venus Rising, P.O. Box 486, Sylva, NC 28779. We are not set up to accept debit/credit card payments at the door.

If you register with PayPal, your receipt will be from Venus Rising and will display the title of this event.


If you are moved by Shamanic Breathwork for Peace and Nonviolence and would like to express your awe and appreciation with cash, we invite you to treat yourself to the joy of giving (or not) from the heart! When we check you in at the door, we'll confirm any amounts you've prepaid and ask if you'd like to give more or want a refund. Our scale slides from zero to infinity! The Tuition Contribution button below is for your convenience to use at any time. Your self-determined tuition payment can also be made at the door in cash or by personal check made out to Venus Rising, and we'll be inviting love offerings on site in cash or with a personal check.

Contact PANinA Admin with any questions or comments. Please include Shamanic Breathwork for Peace and Nonviolence in the Subject line of your email.

left, Star Wolf and one of her creature teachers.

Machu Picchuright, Star Wolf at the Opening of the Portal, Machu Picchu, 12-12-12

Listen to these two interviews with Star Wolf on BlogTalkRadio.

February 20, 2013, ReflectRadio, Shelli Speaks Out

January 21, 2013, Conversation Pieces, Cyrus Webb.

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